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Personal Productivity in Review – SavedToMindpalace #3

Two weeks ago I shared an article with you about personal productivity that I saved to my Mindpalace. It was in this little segment that we like to call "SavedToMindpalace".

I saved it back then because personal productivity is a very relevant topic for me right now. Especially when it comes to optimizing my daily routines, I am currently actively searching for better ways to structure my day. And because I found the article so simple yet inspiring, I wanted to take away some key insights that I can then integrate into my daily life.

Although the article was amazing, I had already completely forgotten about it - my interesting insights were gone.

But then! - I received a push notification along those lines: Hey you, this was super relevant to you last week. Why don't you go back and revisit the things that you wanted to take away?

So, I did. I went back into my Mindpalace and actually skimmed the highlights and notes I had taken. While going through this list, I realised that the insights were still very much relevant today (duh!), but I that I had just completely forgotten most of them. 

In today's times, this is absolutely normal. We take in so much inspiring content every day that it can be a bit overwhelming - sometimes we can all use a little reminder to stick to the things we wanted to learn.

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Saved to Mindpalace

Big Data & Health Care – SavedToMindpalace #2

tl;dr - One of the ways I use Mindpalace is to keep track of the articles that my friends send me. I make highlights and notes in the app so I can have great conversations with my friends about the things we both care about.

I was recently on vacation with a friend of mine who works for a big data company in the health care sector in Silicon Valley. I used to work in health care before starting Mindpalace, so I am always curious about the latest developments in the space.

After the trip, my friend sent me an article about the former CMO of his company that he said had interesting insights on the use of real-world databases in health care. Check it out for yourself: Here's why Abernethy wanted to jump on board at Verily and her ambitions to grow its research business.

I shared it to my Mindpalace (How to save to Mindpalace?) from my phone and added a note reminding myself who sent me the article so I would have context for later. Before Mindpalace, I would always end up with random screenshots on my phone of things I wanted to remember, but never any context about *why* I saved it.

A few days later I had a bit of down time while commuting on the train so I went back to the article and added some highlights on the key things I wanted to take away. Next time my friend and I talk we should be able to have a really interesting conversation about this.

I love connecting with friends on topics we both care about. When someone takes the time to send you an article they find interesting, there's no worse feeling than forgetting about it when they ask a follow up question the next week. My friends send me articles all the time and I think it's important to dig into them. I use my Mindpalace to help keep track of all the insights that come from these articles as well as ones I find myself. 

Helping people have more interesting conversations and forge better connections with their friends is just one of the many reasons we started Mindpalace. 

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Saved to Mindpalace

Personal Productivity – SavedToMindpalace #1

Today, I discovered one of the best articles on personal productivity I've ever read. It was this one right here by Marc Andreessen written back in 2007. I found it so insightful and important that I wanted to remember it for later.

So, this is what I did: I saved it to my Mindpalace (How to Save to Mindpalace?) on my iPhone, and then added a couple of highlights of the most important passages. 

The highlighting really helps me in fixing the key insights I had while reading. Usually, I just skim the text I just read and add the highlights using Mindpalace. This literally only takes a couple of minutes and then next time I won't need to read through the whole article again. 

Here's what I took away from the article: 

  • "Keep three and only three lists: a Todo List, a Watch List, and a Later List"
  • "Each night before you go to bed, prepare a 3x5 index card with a short list of 3 to 5 things that you will do the next day."
  • "Use the back of the 3x5 cards as your Anti-Todo List"  
    • "Every time you do something -- anything -- useful during the day, write it down in your Anti-Todo List on the card." 

👉 I really love the Anti-Todo List. Oftentimes you end the day thinking "What the hell have I done today?". This list does wonders in showing you the small and big things you checked off throughout your day that you didn't even remember in the evening.

Throughout the next weeks I'll try to incorporate these simple tricks into my daily routine. Will keep you posted.

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