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Have you ever been reading an article or listening to a podcast and thought: “Oh this is good. I need to remember this!” 

Mindpalace App and our Chrome Extension let you save all your favorite content from books, articles, and podcasts. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that what you save is protected and organized.

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Stop endlessly scrolling through bookmarks and notes searching for something you’ve seen.

Everything is right here. Automatically tagged and sorted so that you don’t need to worry about organization.

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What if you could have all the tips & knowledge that you've seen or heard ready when you need them?

Instead of dumping your saved items into a folder never to be seen again, Mindpalace engages you with your information so you learn and remember more from it.

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FAQ - Everything you might want to know 

How can I save interesting information to Mindpalace?

Saving something to Mindpalace is super easy! You can either use your phone's share menu from your favourite app or use our Chrome Extension

Want to see a step-by-step guide? We got you! This way please.

Can I really save from anywhere?

Yes - you can! Any website, podcast, [your favourite medium here] that has a url can be saved to your Mindpalace. For some platforms we've already built custom integrations so that you can import everything even faster.

Do you integrate with tools I already use?

We know that you already have tools & routines that you use and love, we do too! So, we want to make it as easy as possible to integrate into your busy everyday life. Check out our integrations page for details.

(Psssst, if your favourite integration is missing just let us know and we'll get that going as fast as possible.)

How do you help me remember more?

Great question! That's exactly what we asked ourselves before we embarked on this exciting journey (and in fact we keep asking that). To keep it short: Mindpalace learns and grows along with you. Your Mindpalace learns what kind of content you’re interested in, what goals you pursue, and when you might need your information again.

Our science-backed learning engine takes these factors into account and presents the information you need so that you can shine in your next presentation, client meeting, or discussion.

Who's behind Mindpalace?

Get to know the people behind Mindpalace here